Radical ideas need a multidisciplinary approach to come to fruition.
In the Entrepreneurship Club, we want to offer programs and activities to bring students from all academic interests by connecting their knowledge and providing pertinent out-of-classroom entrepreneurship experience.
The Entrepreneurship Club at UAB will offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to collaborate on innovative ideas.
The E-club is operated from the Collat Business Analysis Lab at In
UAB should allow students a one time sign up to "volunteer" at the UAB Innovation Lab. This will give the students credit hours towards their business degree at a discounted rate. They will volunteer several times per week to fulfill their "classroom" obligation. UAB will allow businesses to use the lab for a set cost per week. The businesses will have access to the students that are volunteering at the Innovation Lab. They can use them for "brainstorming" sessions, think tanks, administra
I think we should consider investing/re-envisioning part of the lab into a social media command center. This could be an integral learning and promotional tool for the clubs/students using the Innovation lab. Once logged into the social media accounts for their respective clubs, they can watch in real time as people tweet or post about the club (or UAB as a whole).
I think UAB should seriously consider re-purposing a portion of the Innovation lab into a social media command center. This could be an invaluable tool for the clubs/students using the lab. Should some of these students be farmed out to the various organizations at Innovation Depot, this could also be a useful tool to the companies using the students.

Social Media command centers are computer systems with the capability to put the different outlets on multiple screens. This allows the user
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